System Integration

One to one or one to many, direct or through an agent

System integration is all about distributed data streams, basic stream mapping and a clearly define

ownership through all existing data streams. When data is sent it can be asynchronously or synchronously.

  • Synchronously, a system sends a data stream and internal process depends on a direct response.

  • Asynchronously, a system sends a data stream and internal processes do not depend on when or if response is given.

Integration data stream format must be adapted, both to match sending and receiving system

and often also enriched from a 3:de system.

  • One to one, quick and effective integration where data stream format and communication setup are unique and sealed for each

    system integration.

  • One to many, an open and quickly adaptable integration but internal system processes can create unanticipated effects

    on sending or receiving data streams.

  • Through an agent, a scalable integration platform with its specific format and communication setup, this gives control and

    possibility to process, check and control data stream between sender and receiver.

Building integration is all about creating control and architecture that are made to match existing system portfolio.

A design shortcut can easily become a resource cost further down the stream.